It is highly recommended that you visit with a physician or staff member at Clear Choice Emergency Room for burns considered serious—a burn larger than the size of the patient’s hand, or one that involves functional parts of the body, such as feet, face, eye, ears and groin, or is located over major joints.

When a burn occurs, it is critical that the proper treatment be given quickly, depending on the category the burn falls in.

First Degree

Most sunburns fall into this category, which will develop mild redness, swelling, pain, and peeling of the skin, but no blistering. First-degree burns can usually be safely treated at home with topical burn creams, but may require specialized treatment because of common complications likely to develop as a result of the burn. Infection, joint contracture impairment, scarring or risk of repeated exposure can complicate the healing process. You may also want to consider a tetanus booster.

Second Degree Burns

This category of burn will produce some thickening of the skin and blistering. Proper cleaning, bandaging, and follow-up care are necessary. A visit to Clear Choice Emergency Room may be recommended for burns covering a large area of skin, or are in risk of infection.

Third Degree Burns

This degree of burn causes widespread skin thickening and may appear white and leathery. Blisters may not fully develop, but immediate medical attention with physicians and staff at Clear Choice Emergency Room is necessary to treat the burn and reduce the risk of infection. Failure to seek medical attention may result in permanent disfigurement or loss of function.

Fouth Degree Burns

This degree of burn not only includes damage to the skin, but also the nerves, tendons, and bones underneath. Call 9-1-1 or head to Clear Choice Emergency Room immediately.

At Clear Choice Emergency Room, our medical professionals will assess the burn immediately, and provide the right treatment, as well as minimize the pain to provide as much comfort as possible.

Clear Choice ER is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, and at any given time, you will be seen by a board certified, highly experienced emergency care physician.